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As a merchant, all you need to do is sign up, create an account and pass us the KYC document for review and processing. Or by applying for a sales representative’s call/visit over our website right here. Once accepted, merchants have full access to the website and can request a number of POS machines based on their Tier.
Via eSigning. You can e-request your POS machine, and once collected you submit your e-confirmation.
You pay nothing for the POS machine. However, you pay 500 AED in case of any damages.
Yes, you can have more than one POS per branch. In case you have several branches, you can get from 1-500 POS machine based on your account Tier.
In the future, merchants will be able to:
  • Trade crypto from the main account
  • Accept payments in crypto without AED conversion
  • Add top-up payments
Any kind of activity like a login attempt, creating an invoice, or sending any kind of request is confirmed via emails/sms messages as well as the option for 2FA Authentication via authenticator apps.
The current process for onboarding requires the following documentations from the merchant:

  • Valid trade license
  • Valid passport & visa copy for owners and all partners.
  • Valid EID for owner and all partners.
  • Power of attorney if available
  • Verified tenancy contract

  • As per the latest guidelines for Fintech by CBUAE which is encouraging the electronic process, we use a full electronic process for onboarding including signing for terms and conditions & privacy policy as an electronic KYC.
    Settlement and Cashout
    In certain situations, if an invoice is underpaid or overpaid, it results in a “payment exception.” Shoppers will automatically receive a notification via email and/or SMS from Ventri to claim the underpayment or overpayment, where Ventri incurs miner fees to refund a payment, to be deducted from the refunded amount. The payment can be refunded only in the following cases:
    • If a shopper under-pays or over-pays
    • If a shopper sends payment after the time out
    The refund process is done in 2 steps:
    • Merchant requests a refund by adding the shopper’s email and phone number or their refund address from their end
    • A link to add the refund amount is sent to the consumer via mail or SMS
    As a decentralized platform, we don't have control over any funds sent to the wrong addresses. There is no cancellation for any payments. Refunds can take up to 24 hours; we only have a refund policy for payment exception cases. If the invoice is completed or done, the refund gets settled from the merchant cash desk or bank account. In the future, we're planning to add refunds through the bank from our side.
    There’s no money collection cycle. Only money settlement between Ventri and the POS Owner (Merchant). The settlement will be through local bank transfer. Merchants will be able to request a withdraw from their account and Ventri transfers the funds in 3-5 working days.
    Via email - SMS - platform push notifications or in the Platform Transaction History.
    It depends on which cryptocurrency is in use for the transaction.
    Decline the invoice and freeze the refund till our investigation/report is concluded and get a reply from the AML Authorities.
    The user is able to choose from various kinds of tokens/coins to pay an invoice, where the payment can’t be split to different currencies. The token/coin prices are their live market prices.
    The minimum transaction value depends on each coin/token but mainly starting from $3 and there’s no limit to the transaction; Users can pay up to 3M$ per invoice. There could be limitations of certain coins/tokens due to market impact/slippage.
    Stepping up and adopting crypto guarantees you a whole new customer base with an ever-growing payment method, a $1 trillion market exposure, as well as evolving with the surrounding environment and surfing the latest technological wave.
    We protect our merchants from losing any money by avoiding any volatility. This is done by settling AED directly to the merchant. To ensure the merchant’s utmost satisfaction, we indulge them with a wide range of features and measures like multiple accounts, access to analytics tools, 24/7 support, a banking grade security, and a dedicated account manager once the merchant passes tier 1.
    Dashboard & Live Tracking
    As soon as your KYC data passes our compliance, merchants get access to all our features. KYC compliance takes up to 48 hours.
    Anytime, anywhere through your transaction history on the POS machine or the website. Merchants don’t yet have access to consumers’ database.
    Merchants can view analytics reports with access to the pasts 30/90/120 days, like:
    • Total Transactions Value
    • Chart with Most Paid Currencies
    • Transaction Chart
    • Peak Hours
    • Chart Transactions Number Per all accounts
    Merchants can also export all transactions history, withdrawal, requests, etc.
    Yes, but each tier level has different limits for creating sub-accounts.
    Customer Service
    Our support team is based in Egypt, working 24/7 on a ticketing system where it could take from 10 minutes up to 12 hours to handle your ticket if there’s nothing exceptional (Such as ML, Fraud, Fake Transactions, etc.)

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